Glass Graphics

- 2013 08 13 12:34

Wardrobe manufacturing is not limited to only standard materials. We can offer sliding wardrobe doors with laminated glass filler. It’s a set of several glass sheets combined in a special way into a single glass which is very resistant to shocks and breaks. Such glass may be integrated with any desired graphic image, illustration or photo thus creating a unique facade of the wardrobe for your interior, which might even become its main focus, like the large-scale picture.

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Materials Used for Manufacture of Kitchen Furniture


For production of kitchen furniture we use local materials (natural wood fronts, MDF) and the materials of well-known foreign manufacturers imported from Germany, Austria and Italy (MFC panels, HPL decors, etc.). We design facades and frames of kitchen furniture from laminated melamine faced chipboard (MFC). They can be covered with natural wood veneer which is varnished, painted or otherwise finished during the production process. We also use MDF panels, which we paint with matt or gloss paint according to customer preferences.

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Materials Used for Manufacture of Cabinets


We manufacture the cabinets and sliding systems designed by us using various materials, which you may select in accordance with your needs and financial possibilities prior to ordering a cabinet design. For production of cabinets and sliding systems, we use aluminium and steel profiles, also glass, mirror, laminated chipboard and other materials manufactured both in Lithuania and abroad.

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