Convenient every day: How to plan a kitchen area correctly?

- 2013 08 09 19:26


Kitchen is an importance area in the house. Therefore it must be exceptionally convenient. For majority of families, their kitchen is not only the place where food is cooked, but a dining room as well. Therefore the equipment and design of kitchen furniture are especially important.

When planning a kitchen furniture, it is necessary to take into account the layout of the equipment. The appliances, sink and cupboards should be arranged so that everything is at hand. In comfortably arranged bottom kitchen cupboards one should plan to install as many drawers or metal baskets (preferably fully but not partially retractable) as possible, after opening which the whole content of the cupboard may be seen. Thus you will easily reach a thing put in any place of kitchen furniture.

When cooking, you have to make as less as possible of movements: bending, squatting and steps. It is desirable to illuminate the work areas of kitchen furniture with additional light sources beneath the hanging cabinets.

Proper planning of kitchen furniture and all kitchen equipment will help you experience the real pleasure of cooking. When modelling kitchen furniture, we are not guided by the standards, we just try to implement the project imagined by you for a good price. You also must not forget that kitchen interior has to match other furniture at home.