How to choose kitchen furniture?

- 2013 08 09 19:20


Kitchen is one of the most important places in the house because we spend a lot of time here. Therefore this area should not only be attractive but functional and comfortable as well. In order to achieve these goals the customer’s wishes are very important because only tailor-made furniture can fully meet all expectations.

In order to choose furniture properly, ask the seller the following questions: What major materials are used to produce the furniture you intend to buy? What are their major features? What fittings are better to use, etc. A designer helps to make up your mind best. It is much easier for the professionals to offer the best solution when customers come to the nearest showroom having the plan and measurements of the premises. The style, materials and fittings are discussed with customers. They are given useful tips on how to use the space appropriately. Only after that our professionals create an initial project.

So, first of all, each buyer should study the information on the internet and make a decision on what style of furniture they would like to have a home. The preparation prior to combining the furniture is simple: rough space measurements, the desired household appliances, extracts, copies, sketches, kitchen furniture examples which, in the customer’s opinion, he/she likes. Then you will come to us for consultation during which we will discuss the materials, style and fittings to be used, you will be advised on how to use the space properly. We will prepare an initial project by the agreed deadline.

Professionals of Alsotana, who work throughout Lithuania, produce not only customised kitchen, but other cabinet furniture as well. They advise to choose high quality fittings. It is not advisable to save when selecting kitchen furniture, for it will serve for many years. High quality materials will not only facilitate work in the kitchen, but will help to “employ” the premises much better. You will find our showrooms in Vilnius, Kaunas and Alytus.