Major mistakes: Where to begin redecoration of kitchen?

- 2013 08 09 19:29


Kitchen design or interior are especially important. Therefore it is necessary to begin redecorating of kitchen from a good design of kitchen furniture!

This will help avoid such errors as misplaced mounted sockets, misplaced water pipes, vent holes opposite the cooker hood and the most amazing case when the gas meter is in the most visible place. Of course, having thought well, one may partly overcome these problems, but usually these are only partial solutions – elimination of consequences.

Having a considerable experience in production of kitchen furniture, we advise the following to those wishing to install their kitchens: think how your kitchen furniture will look prior to beginning decoration or repair works. What will you want to see – a technical solution or cosy kitchen furniture?

We are here to minimise our customers’ mistakes when they order furniture. In addition, we have noticed that another obvious problem occurs when customers try to save money for the account of fittings. High quality fittings are durable and work for many years. The high quality and properly selected furniture fittings may facilitate your work in the kitchen. Moreover, they help to use the space better. We can offer a lot of solutions. We have a great range of materials and fittings. Therefore we will always advise and help to choose the appropriate materials and fittings.